Paintings for Sale

Spirits of Hellfire PassSprits of Hellfire Pass 122cm x 77cm $3500.00

Property Federal HighwayProperty Federal Highway 60cm x 50cm  $850.00

Circular Quay Sydney 84cm x 61cmCircular Quay Sydney 84cm x 61cm  $2500.00

Calwell Property ACTShearing Shed Calwell 31cm x 30cm  $350.00

Surf Beach Batemans BaySurf Beach Batemans Bay 60cm x 40cm  $850.00

West Beach EsperenceWest Beach Esperance WA 60cm x 40cm  $850.00

Bemboka PropertyBemboka Property  75cm x 50cm   $750.00

King Canyon NTKings Canyon NT  75cm x 50cm    $750.00

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