Previous Paintings

Chief Justice Helen Murrell Chief Justice Helen Murrell

Reliance on ScienceReliance on Science

Vincent & I Dr Vincent Otieno-Alego and I with the portrait

Ross_Townsend_First Breath.jpg        First Breath

First Breath - David and IDr David O’Rourke and I with ‘First Breath’




DSC_0213 cropped Kevin

DSC_0192 croppedWaterfront

Felicity Felicity


Me & PMPrime Minister Scott Morrison

Plenty Cows in TassiePlenty Cows in Tassie

DSC_0781 amendedMr Andrew Colvin – former AFP Commissioner

Damien McMahonPosthumous Portrait of Dr Damian McMahon

Richard in action

Unveiling Richard in Action ‘Richard in Action’ – 2019 Archibald Prize Entry


DSC_0990 amended c Archbishop Paul Gallagher (Apostolic Nuncio to Australia)

dsc_0635 croppedZinnia’s

2018 ShockwaveShockwave

Always Creating        Always Creating – Jeanne Townsend – Finalist 2018 Shirley Hannan Portrait Prize

Jetty - Salmon BeachJetty Salmon Beach WA

The Social Event                                  DSC_0301The Social Event – Hannah Townsend – Finalist 2016 Moran Prize

Bungle BunglesBungle Bungles WA

Commissioner Mick KeeltyFormer AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty

Mates Standing TogetherMates Standing Together – Jamie Manning

Archbishop Prowse 115cmx95cm Archbishop Christopher Prowse

Laurie Daley

Laurie and ILaurie Daley – Finalist 2011 Moran Prize

Salmon BeachSalmon Beach WA

DSC_0896 amended

DSC_0807Greg Page – The Yellow Wiggle

Professor Ian Frazer - DMNPP 2012

Ian & IProfessor Ian Fraser


Infectious Curiosity

DSC_0287 croppedInfectious Curiosity – Professor Frank Bowden

Louise Doyle - SDF 2012

Louise & ILouise Doyle – Former Director National Portrait Gallery

Poodles 60cmx50cmPoodles

Pink Camellias 50cmx40cmPink Camellias

Mt Elrington Homestead 80cmx60cmMount Elrington Homestead

Father John

DSC_0103 croppedFather John Woods

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